+2 education system in Nepal: A glimpse

August 10, 2018


In ancient period, there were not any schools, college or any other educational institute. The education system was fully based on gurukuls or homeschooling. Most of the people who were interested to learn or gain knowledge on various disciplines they desired/wanted would go to Gurukul and learn from their learned Gurus. Later, with the pace of time, only higher class people were able to read in our country. Durbar High School (first school of Nepal) can be taken as an example which was established by Jung Bahadur Rana in 1892, after visiting the United Kingdom. One of the main purpose of establishing durbar high school is to teach his children in English medium. It is located in Ranipokhari, Kathmandu. Originally, only members of ruling family were taught in this school. Later, it was opened to private citizens in 1902. Then after in 1951 Democracy was established which led to Diversification of Education system in Nepal.

Well, to talk about +2 education system of Nepal, the system is fully based on theory rather than practical which can harm badly to the students like us. Students have to focus more in theory than in practical because in the context of Nepal, first priority is given to theory. Theory education can’t testify knowledge of the students or their creativity level in the field at all. Students can tell each and every thing of the book but if they are taken in the field and asked to apply what they have studied then they can’t do anything. They will be in dilemma in such situation. it happens because of the lack of practical education. This type of education system is not good for nation as well. After completing the course, all the students will move in search of job. Then, in that situation only theory marks and their better certificate can’t do anything. In that time, they have to show their creativity level in front of staff/ manager of the concerned offices. So, the concept of giving first priority to theory is totally wrong which may lead to being failure in future with no doubt. Well, Our + 2 education system in not qualitative. we student read the books just to pass the exams not to learn any new things beneficial to us and to our nation.


In this modern days, why countries south Korea, Japan, China, U.K, Canada, USA are in the top rank in the field of education? The question must be raised here. Their education system are totally different from our education system. Their teaching methods, procedures, techniques, skills and so on are amazing. They focused heavily on practical knowledge so that students produced from those countries can apply their general ideas, knowledges, skills in their practical life also. That’s why, many scientists are born from their countries. They discover/invent new things and after long time we know the discovered or invented things and finally we add that kinda things in our text book. In this context, our country is lagging back than above mentioned countries. This all happens because of our theory based education system. As I have very recently passed + 2 from science stream, I say that our + 2 science syllabus 75% is based on theory and remaining only 25% is based on practical. Even 25% practical is just nominal. The teachers give practical marks to the students based on their theory examination.

Look, this is the condition of our education system. Then, how country will move ahead by this type of education system? This all the problems should be solved by our government and principally by education minister. He/she has a great responsibility to change education system of +2. but unfortunately, we have not seen any change yet in our education system for a long time. The course book should be changed at least between a period of 4/5year year but for over a decade ago, the text books haven’t changed yet. My brother who is 6th batch senior to me read same books that I read and now my maternal uncle’s son who is 2 batch junior to me also reading same books in +2 level. By this way, we can’t move ahead in future. We will have to face many problems and difficulties in the days to come specially if we go abroad for our further study. Also, if we stay here, we will be depending on the foreigners because we should only learn by heart what they write on the books.

We all know that, the NEB result of Grade 12 has been recently published. The result is in grading system. Now, big problems and issues are creating due to grading system. In previous days, the government had told that if some students got D+,D, E Grade then there is not any compulsory to give Re-exam. If they want to give okay otherwise there is not any compulsory. They will be provided certificate. The government had told this before but now after publishing result of Grade 12, the government has declared that D,E grade obtainer students will not given certificate. Now, all the students who got D,E grade are in dilemma. Suddenly, government has declared this notice. In other countries, all the students can get certificate even though their grade is very low. They can’t study on their interest subject but at least they can continue their study from another subject. It was said before that the Grading system would be implemented to remove pass/ fail system. It means no one will fail in grading system but present situation of our fellow students is very bad. At first, there was said that only aggregate marks will be noticed but now they are saying that there must be obtained at least C Grade in each subject. The important thing is exam’s question paper. There is written 75/100 full marks but there is not written pass marks C. Why there isn’t written pass marks c? Then what is difference between Grading system and Percentage system if D, E obtainer students don’t get certificate? The main objective of grading system is to remove pass/fail system and read the subject according to the grade. I agree that there is weakness of students also because they didn’t study properly and obtained lower grade like D, E consequently but government has made one rule before and now another. Due to changes in rules, many of the students are in depression now.

I think our education minister or concerned authorities have not proper knowledge about grading system. Now, due to sudden change in rule of grading system, many of the students are in depression. Some might have committed suicide too. Who will be responsible for this? I agree that this type of system is good but government should provide all the notice before that saying all the students must bring C Grade in each subject. If such notice had been provided before, all the students would have been aware and read properly. This is not considered fair at any rate. This is the condition of our education system. If the government can’t have proper knowledge about grading system, then why are they implementing this system? By this way, our education system will not build up smoothly. This is the small example of our education system. Additionally, we all should know that securing marks in the examination is the technical subject. It should not be made a standard unit of measurement for student’s knowledge or capacity.

To sum up, for bringing improvement in +2 education system, first curriculum should be changed and way of teaching method should be completely changed as soon as possible. As I have already told above that we have only theory based education rather than practical. This kind of education system should be strictly stopped and practical based education should be applied. If this is applied strictly then I’m sure that we can see vast improvement in the future than before. We should discourage memorizing method and encourage conceptual learning. Reading like parrot and obtaining higher marks in exam will not give us anything in future. we should not give more priority to quantitative education system. We have to show our creativity level to achieve goal and success in future. in addition, Surprisingly, In some private schools, during the time of exam, teachers answer most of the questions to the students and they secure good marks . By that marks, parents feel proud of their children but they don’t know the inner matter.

As I have heard this type of trend are also flourishing in reputed private schools from my friends, I’m sharing here. By doing this, the creativity level of students will not develop at any cost and they can’t do anything new in future. One more thing “GHOKANTE BIDDHYA” is very harmful to students. It may not harm now but certainly it creates a lot of problems in future. I suggest all the students that be something extra than others. Don’t read like a parrot, read in conceptual and logical way. If these things are applied continuously then we will see many improvements in our education system.

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