349 MPs enter House of Representative: Thailand's Election Commission

May 8, 2019


BANGKOK : Thailand's Election Commission (EC) announced on Tuesday that 349 MPs have entered the House of Representative, the lower house of the National Assembly of Thailand.

The Election Commission said in a statement that it has verified and publicized a list of 349 candidates who have won constituency-based MP seats in the March 24 election.

The EC has verified the 349 MPs with only one short of a total of 350 MPs in constituency mode as the winning candidate from leading opposition Pheu Thai (for Thais) Party in Chiang Mai's Constituency 8 has been found guilty of bribery, thus leading to a by-election to be held in near future.

The EC is scheduled to verify and publicize another 150 candidates as party-list MPs to make a total of 500 MPs before Thursday.

The Pheu Thai (for Thais) Party has made 136 constituency-based MPs, the most among all contestant parties in the nationwide race to parliament, followed by the pro-government Palang Pracharath (power of people's state) Party which has made 97 MPs, the Bhumjaithai (proud Thais) Party's 39 MPs, the Democrat Party's 33 MPs, the Future Forward Party's 30 MPs, the Prachachart (people's nation) Party's six MPs, the Chart Thai Pattana (developed Thailand) Party's six MPs, Chartpattana (developed country) Party's one MP and the Action Coalition for Thailand Party's one MP.

Among them, Future Forward Party and Prachachart (people's nation) Party have announced their alliance with Pheu Thai Party to oppose current Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha, who came into power during the 2014 coup, to be elected as the new prime minister.

The total 500 MPs, together with 250 senators selected by the ruling National Council for Peace and Order led by Prayut, would elect a new prime minister of Thailand.  Enditem (Xinhua)