6 Nepalese World Record in 2075

April 18, 2019


Kathmandu, Good luck to earn a name. Bad work can be done shortly after doing bad work, but that name is a bad name. That's why we need to work well to earn a name. However, it is not easy to earn a good job name.

It is even more difficult to keep a record by doing new things. But, happily, Nepali people are also registering names in the Guinness Book of World Record by doing a new job.

Today, in this vide report we will be discussing about those 6 Nepalese who have kept Guinness World Record in 2075. And they are:

1. Anantaram KC – Ananatram KC is such person who kept Guinness World Record by giving continuous speech for  90 hours. How long can people speak e give speech? Most of the answer may come that 1or 2 or 5 hours for more but one of the Nepalese has given his 90 hours and 2 min long speech.

For full information watch this video report till end :