Aanchal Sharma gets lots of love proposal in Nepal Idol

September 9, 2017


Nepal Idol is the first international franchise in Nepalese television history. Nepal Idol reality singing competition that is part of the idols franchise created y Simon Fuller and owned by 19 Entertainment and FermantleMedia. AP1 TV acquired the production and broadcast right for Nepal Idol.

The judges for Nepal Idol are Nhoo Bajracharya, Indira Joshi and Kali Prasad Baskota. The series aims to find new solo recording artists from Nepal and the winner would be decided by viewers' votes through the internet, telephone or a text messages.

Nepal Idol already got top 3 contestants from the Episode 35 broadcasted on 8th September 2017, Friday. In episode 35 presented yesterday through AP1 TV Paul Shah and Aanchal Sharma were invited as the celebrity judge and Basanta Chaudhary as special guest of the show.

In this episode, all the contestants have to sing in duet and the contestants do the same. It is also the no judgment round and the contestants sing for the entertainment only. And in this episode there was plentiful of entertainment as there was celebrity guest Paul and Aanchal from Johnny Gentleman.

Paul sings song in the stage of Nepal Idol and in his song Pratap Das and Aanchal Sharma danced together. There was more fun when Buddha Lama said I Love you to Aanchal Sharma in his style as Buddha used to say I Love You to all those beautiful ladies that comes in the stage of Nepal Idol as guest.  Similarly, even, Kali Prasad Baskota, judge of the show said I Love You to Aanchal and Nyhoo too wanted to say but he did not.

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