Another controversial performance by Riya Shrestha

June 27, 2017


Riya Shrestha is a Nepali model and dancer. She performs at different cultural programs organized by Nepali communities around the globe. She has been recently criticized for her dance in Malaysia where she was pictured throwing her clothes at audiences. But, the model mum actress said that she has no regret for act and also challenged to take an action against her.

Another video of the controversial model Riya Shrestha has been surface in social media and the video show her dancing in the song Udhreko Choli from Nepali movie 'Loot'. Model Riya Shrestha can be performing the song in an unnatural manner and audiences too seem enjoying her performance. The song is originally sung by singers Indira Joshi and Nischal Basnet.

The video show model and dancer Riya Shrestha performing dance move at the function named 'Unique Dhamaka' organized in Malaysia. Watch the video that has been drawing flak on social media.


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