Archaeological excavation in progress at Tilaurakot

January 14, 2018

Kapailvastu : Archaeological excavation has been again been started at the ancient palace site (Tilaurakot) this year. 
A team of archaeologists from the Durham University, Great Britain, the Department of Archaeology and the Lumbini Development Trust is carrying out an excavation at Tilaurakot. 

Professor Robbins Cunningham, former Director of the Department of Archaeology Kosh Raj Acharya, spokesman of the Department of Archaeology and archaeologist Ram Bahadur Kunwar among other archaeologists and experts are involved in the excavation. 

According to Kunwar, the latest excavation of Tilaurakot will help in the objective of getting Tilaurakot enlisted in the list of UNSCO World Heritage Sites, while the excavation carried out before this has proved that Tilaurakot was the area where the main palace of the ancient town of Kapilvastu was located. 

Prof Cunningham described this excavation and archaeological exploration as very important in projecting this site as the ancient palace of king Suddhodhana, father of lord Gautam Buddha, with official evidences. 

Archaeologist Kosh Raj Acharya said the main palace site is to be excavated, explored and conserved at three places this year. The excavation which started on January 5 will last till February 25. RSS

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