Be united, not divided: Kids send out strong message through a play

March 28, 2017


Kathmandu- At a time when the society seems divided over caste, culture and religion, children through a play have sent out a message that we need to respect them all equally and be united.

"There are only two castes-- man and woman and we should respect all the cultures and religions," children sent out a message through a short play "Be united, not divided."

The play also targeted 'unpopular' growing number of Nepali organizations in the USA and delivered a message to our Nepali community and requested to be united under one umbrella organization. Performing artists were Srinity Rijal, Salaj Rijal and Austin Acharya. The ply was conceptualized by Sangita Uprety Rijal.

The play was staged on the occasion of 107 International Women's Day organized by Non-Resident Nepali Association (NRNA) Women's Coordinating Committee. NRNA was established on 11 October, 2003 with the aim of uniting and binding the Nepali Diaspora under one umbrella.


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