Bhadragol : Episode-210

May 11, 2019


"Bhadragol" is a Nepali comedy serial that is broadcasted by the Nepal Television. The program is on aired every Friday. The program is one of the most popular comedy shows.

The main characters of the programs are Jigri bro which is played by Kumar Kattel. Kumar Kattel is also the brother of famous comedy actor and philanthropist Sitaram Kattel who is famous with his stage name Dhurmus.

Other famous characters of the show are Pade, Cockroach, Rakhsya and Bale. Today, we are presenting you the new full episode of Bhadrgaol, which has been broadcasted on last Friday at 8:45 Pm from Nepal television and released on YouTube of Media Hub Official Channel on the same date at 9:30 PM.

In the last episode Pade and Cocroach escaped from jail and were in forest nearby village. They were scaring people being a tree and this new episode of Bhadragol too continues with the same episode where Cockroach and Pade are scaring people but somehow, Kaku suspects that they are not tree but human being and none other than the Pade who escaped from prison. Now, see what happens in this episode 210?

Watch full episode of Bhadragol - 210: