Breakthrough made in Melamchi Drinking Project's tunnel

April 12, 2018


Melamchi : A breakthrough has been made in the construction of the tunnel of the much-awaited Melamchi Water Supply Project. 

Vice President Nanda Bahadur Pun made such announcement amidst a function here today. The breakthrough was made at the middle-part of 7.4 km tunnel from Sindhu audit from Gyalthum. 

Minister for Water Supply and Sanitation, Bina Magar, was also present on the occasion. 

On the occasion, Vice President Pun said that clean drinking water would be provided to Kathmandu Valley folks before Dashain. 

Similarly, Executive Director of Melamchi Water Supply Project, Ram Chandra Devkota, said that construction of the tunnel from Sindhu audit to Gyalthum have been completed and water would be brought to Sundarijal within four months if works moved ahead as per the agreement. 

Devkota said that out of the 27.5 kilometres tunnel, 'finishing works' have been completed only on four kilometres from Sundarijal of Kathmandu to Aambathan of Sindhupalchowk and the finishing works remained to be done on 23.5 kilometres which takes some time. RSS