Buddhi Tamang and Rajani Gurung talks about movie 'Sali Kasko Venako'

September 14, 2018


Kathmandu: Buddhi Tamang is one of the famous artists of Nepali Film Industry. He has started his filmy career from the movie 'Kabbaddi' and worked in many film. Buddhi Tamang is the busiest artist of the present. 

Here is an interview with famous actor Buddhi Tamang and Rajani Gurung (Mangali). They both have acted in the movie 'Sali Kasko Venako'. This movie has released throughout the country from today. 

In this movie we can see Wilson Bikram Rai, Rajani Gurung , Mariska Pokharel, Sushma Karki , Rabi Giri, Buddhi Tamang , Jaya Nanda Lama and many others artist. This movie is directed by Bhadra Bhujel and produced by Ramprashad Shrestha , Sushil Gopal Nyachhyon , Kaji Man Shrestha (Bishal) , Kamala Bhattarai and Mukti Adhikari. 

Watch the conversation with Buddhi Tamang and Rajani Gurung (Mangali):