DCNepal Live Chat

You can privately chat as well as call (audio, video) a fellow user. Just click on the user name on the left side of the chat window, and pick a desired method to talk privately with.


The history of chatting dates back to 1990s when there were the instant messaging which predates the internet.The first appearing on the multi-user operating systems like Compatible Time- Sharing (CTSS) and Multiplexed Information and Computing Services (Multics) in the mid 1960s. As there was development in the networks, people started to use the peer to peer protocols. In the early half of 1980s, the text in the chatting seemed to be like they were typed as the early instant messaging programs were primarily real time text. Later in the 1980s, the Quantam Link service for Commodore 64 computers offered user to user messages between the consumers.

In the modern period, the Graphical User Interface (GUI) based messaging has taken the place from mid 1990s with the instant messaging systems like AOL Instant Messenger, ICQ. Later there was development of the software like Excite, MSN, Ubique and Yahoo! which was done by other companies.

In the year 2000, an open standard based protocol called Jabber was launched with the open source application. Following the path of networking developments, in the year 2010, another social networking site which is known as Facebook Chat was developed in a form of instant messaging. After that and within the period, there were many applications which were developed such as WhatsApp, Twitter, Wechat, Skype, Mig33, Viber, Gmail, and many others. In this contextual background, here is the DCnepal LIVE Chat/ Forum where the youths can use it as other networking site so that they can have talk. The site welcomes to all of the users so that they can have talk but using vulgar words are strictly prohibited. (DCnepal Reporter) Copying and re-publishing this content is strictly prohibited.