Da Gombu Foundation established to honor Late Da Gombu Sherpa

February 18, 2019


Da Gombu Foundation is an NGO which was established on 3rd February 2019 in memory of Late. Da Gombu Sherpa who had dedicated his life promoting mountaineering tourism in Nepal. He was one of the key persons in shaping the mountaineering sector in Nepal by founding Nepal Mountaineering Instructors Association and Climber Club Nepal.

He was also one of the energetic members in Executive Board Committee of Nepal Mountaineering Association for 6 years, he was a founder member cum Chairman of Nepal Himalayan Tour & Training Center and was also the founder member of Nepal National Mountain Guide Association. He also tried to create difference in the community by leading the All Inclusive Mt. Everest Nepalese Women

Expedition which put a record of ten women mountaineers to on to the world's tallest mountain. His contribution was just not limited to promoting mountaineering tourism in Nepal as he actively played pivotal role in the development of village by building school for the community in the remote village of Cherem, building road and bridges helping connect one village with another and won the hearts of the village people when he helped build the monastery in the same village. To honour this great person for all his love and contribution towards development and promotion of mountaineering tourism in Nepal we have founded this organization with the aim of accomplishing his unfulfilled dreams he had dreamt about.

Major Objectives

- To support the education of children who have lost their father during expedition.

- To offer health services in remote trekking zones.

- To support school by enhancing their basic needs in remote areas.

- To offer vocational training to those family who have lost their son or husband during expedition.

Our first Project :

- To create Late Da Gombu Sherpa Documentary Video & Autobiography book so that the world could know more about who he was and what difference he created in mountaineering sector.