Deepila Prasain reveals reason behind hiding their marriage

December 23, 2018


Actress Deepika Prasain had shocked everyone when she said that she is engaged to director Diwakar. She posted a picture of them in her social account and shared this news. It was shocking since her second movie Chakka Panja has just released and her work in the movie were being praised.


Usually actress keeps hiding things about their relationship and she had thought of getting married when her career is just about to start. She debuted in nepali movies through Aishwarya and Diwakar was the director of the movie.


The actress made it clear that they have already had a court marriage and they will get married according to rituals in the coming year. Here in the video we can see the newly engaged couple talking about their relationship. They talk about their initial days to till now and how they fell in love. Watch video to know more…