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      Welcom to Changzhou Qiangyu Metal Products Co., Ltd.! HOME |  CONTACT | 






      Add:Jinjiatang NO.1, Hengshanqiao Town, Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province


      Position:Home > Company

          Changzhou Qiangyu Metal Products Factory is located in the middle of Shanghai-Nanjing Line and the hinterland of Suxichang Economic Zone--Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province. It is a professional manufacturer of various mobile performance equipments. It mainly produces aluminum alloy trusses, aluminum alloy lighting frames, gantry frames, TRUSS frames and space frames of various specifications and models; steel square tubes and round tube trusses, galvanized trusses, spray trusses, butterfly trusses, spring head trusses, stainless steel trusses, Display stand, advertising frame, large-scale performance background frame; Raya frame, grid frame, hand-shake (light) frame, speaker stand; single-row light stand, triangle light stand, square light stand, round light stand; aluminum alloy stage, Steel stage, Lei Ya stage, pull net stage, quick assembly stage, folding stage, T-stage, round stage, lifting stage, rotating stage, transparent stage, tempered plexiglass stage, hotel stage, school stage, etc. Performance equipment. We can also design customized products according to customer requirements, and serve the decoration design companies in hotels, bars, theaters, studios, etc. Since the establishment of our company, we have served customers and friends at home and abroad with high-quality products and sincere cooperation. We are well received by wedding companies, advertising companies, performance companies, leasing companies, media companies and decoration design companies. Our products are exported to North America. , Europe, the Middle East, Taiwan and other regions.

          Since its establishment six years ago, the company has been adhering to the management tenet of “Quality is the foundation of the enterprise” and adheres to the quality policy of “survive by quality, develop by credit, benchmark by brand”, and keeps on the market and actively innovates. At present, the company has dozens of experienced senior welding engineers, more than 20 skilled mechanical operation technicians, dozens of business professionals who are proficient in business and honest and trustworthy. Qiangyu always keeps in mind the enterprise spirit of “exploitation and innovation, integrity management, quality-oriented” and strives to make the “quality first” brand in East China! We sincerely welcome friends from all walks of life to visit, guide and negotiate business!

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