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      Aluminum truss rental stage construction

      time:2017-06-26 view:1608

      The truss rental stage is the third step in the whole stage construction. When we complete the stage construction, it is only part of the stage, and the next stage should be the stage design. It is the core part of the entire aluminum truss rental stage construction. It can also be said that it is a key part of the whole performance. The stage design is based on the design of the "stage", and more specifically, it is suspended and replaced with stage equipment, lighting, curtains, sounds, performance props.

      1. If you want to build a steel stage, you want to make the students' aluminum truss knowledge continue to improve. They all want to create a self-conceived environment for the healthy growth of students, and the disputes that arise.

      2. That is to say, everyone's goals are the same and the starting point is the same. It is only because of the different views on the aluminum truss and the different cognitions, which specific roads or methods are adopted.

      Then, such differences are not inevitable, and the knowledge learning related to forklift weights is beneficial to both the school and the professional growth of the teachers. It is a rare nutrient.

      3. Before the construction, please let the person in charge of the hotel check the scene with you. If there are scratches or worn places, it is best to take some photos, just in case, or if the customer refunds the deposit, the hotel may mistakenly believe that If you damage the deposit and deduct the customer’s deposit, it is equivalent to deducting your banknote and not eating dumb.

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