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      The aluminum alloy stage has attracted extensive attention from the industry.

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      Aluminum stage lighting is the soul of the stage. The Swiss stage artist Apeia said: "Light is the visual equivalent of music. Only music and light can express the inherent essence of all appearances." The "musicity" of lighting and the "temporality" of lighting have caused a wide range of peers in recent years. Attention and rise to a rational understanding. Apia also said: "Light is the palette of stage art, just the soul of theatrical performance.

      1. Located in the final part of the stage performance space of the frame, as a curtain for the performance background environment. Its height and width are usually larger than the size of the table, which can be designed as a flat screen or an arc-shaped wide screen according to the needs of the performance.

      2. The curtain faces the inner side of the auditorium, and can be illuminated or projected with a variety of color images by daylights, slides, etc., forming an overall picture with the entire stage space. Take white fine canvas as material, white color and good light absorption performance.

      3. Color is not separated, and light is inherently musical. "Light and light movement are the two major elements of light color. The design and operation of stage lighting, the understanding and processing of its musicality is the key to the sublimation of works. Zhou Zhengping pursues the inner feelings of drama in lighting design. The expression and the typical effect of stereo lighting break through the space of the frame stage.

      A set of lifting movie screen frame, 1 light bridge and a stepless uniform telescopic curtain. Through our years of experience in using stage boom machinery, we believe that the products produced by Taizhou Changjiang Film Engineering Equipment Factory have the most stable performance and the most reliable safety, and have been adopted by hundreds of theaters.

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