Er. Kandel Calls on Swift Action from United Nations to Resolve Rising Tensions

November 8, 2019

KATHMANDU : In a press conference on November 7, 2019, Er. Dipendra Kandel read out a personal statement, calling for the United Nations to take swift action and resolve the rising tensions between Nepal and India. 

The tensions between the two states have been caused due to India creating a new map which included Lipulek and Kalapani, two territories which both countries lay claim to, as part of India. This new map was released on Sunday by the Indian Home Ministry. 

Er. Kandel, who was disappointed by India’s actions said in his personal statement, “to use cartography as a form of geopolitics in such a blatant way is disheartening as Nepal looks to India as a partner and ally… Now, I ask for swift action from the United Nations to act as a mediator and solve this dispute”.

The Office of Dipendra Kandel questions the actions taken by the Indian Government as The Office believes such territorial disputes must be solved bilaterally in a diplomatic fashion. As such, Er Kandel, who has emailed the United Nations office residing in Nepal to discuss the urgent matter further, has called for the NGO to act quickly and to diminish the tensions between the two states.