11 Year Old suffers 3rd degree burn after pressure cooker explodes

An 11 year old Caroline Cooper was left badly burnt after cooker exploded while she was helping her mother in coooking. The girl was cooking with her mother when the pressure cooker exploded. This horrific accident left the girl with third degree burn which was above boiling temperature.


The explosion was so intense that there was 16 percent of burn across her body. Her arms and her face burned and peeled by the steamy hot vapors. She was taken to Children's Hospital Colorando's Burns Center in Colorando itself, where she had to go under treatment for about a week.


The burns were extremely severe that she had difficulty in standing and had to take a hold of the nurses to change her dresses.  She had sustained serious injuries and permanent scars across her body. They have sued the brand for the compensation but according to the investigation the explosion didn’t take place like they were describing it.