13 years old teenagers falls from the 12 story building:

Hetal Saroli, 13 year old Indian from Surat survived fall from the 12 story building. The horrifying video shows a heart wrenching moment when the girl slips and falls in the ground.  13 year old lost her balance as she leaned from her apartment to have a look at her school friends while they were walking down the street.  


She came all the way crashing from the bike roof with such a force that the roof breaks and flips her onto the ground. People who saw the incident rushed her to the nearby hospital. She suffered multiple fracture, 18 injuries, with broken hand an external bleeding. Even after having severe injuries Hetal Saroli survived the fall.


This also shows that the girl had a close call from the death and was lucky enough to cheat it. Usually accidents are not intended or plan it just happens. The only way to skip it is to be careful. One has to be careful while doing anything and should try to avoid taking risk where life is involved. Well, this accident is also a good lesson for many. Watch video to know more…