Anju Panta's Daughter Can Sing in 5 Different Language

Anju Panta is a popular singer of Nepal. She has song many movies song and gazals. She is also one of the busiest and highest paid singer of Nepal. She is popular among the people with her hit song Nabirse Timilai Na Paye Timilai, which is considered as one of the best song of her career. Her popular songs are Ma Timi Bina Marihaalchhu, Bhun Bhun Bolyo Bhamara, Dil Yo Mero Dil, Sustari Sustari Manmma and others.


Anju Panta has also founded Anju Panta Foundation. She had never dreamed to become a singer. She used to listen Lata Mangeshker's songs a lot. She started her musical career by singing a Bhajan in the year 1997. She realized that she could also make her career in Nepali music industry after winning the modern song competition in Radio Nepal in 1998.


Anju Panta got married with singer Manoj Siwakoti in the year 2002. They got divorced and they have a daughter named Paritoshika. Paritoshika was 9 years when her parents got separated. Anju Panta stated that her daughter wants to be a doctor. She also stated that her daughter could sing in 5 different languages.