Bhuwan KC celebrates holi with alleged girlfriend

Holi was celebrated with great enthusiasm throughout the country. The festival of color was observed with much love. The people enjoyed the festival by putting different kinds of colors to their loved ones, friends, and neighbor. Here in the video we can see actor Bhuwan KC celebrating the festival of color with his alleged gf  Jiya KC in a part organized by TV filmy.


Actor Bhuwan KC's alleged love affair with actress Jiya KC is definitely not a new thing in the town. The two have been linked up from years. The ATM actress who had given a bold performance in the movie has never accepted that he is dating the evergreen star of Nepal.


Neither Bhuwan KC ever accepted this that he is dating her however they leave people with so many reasons to think on their relationship behind. There are only few occasions when the two have come together in a single frame. This is also one of the rare times when the two were seen in a single stage. Bhuwan kC also sang a song and wished everyone a Happy holi.