Interview - Jyoti Magar in Comedy Cafe

Nepali Comedy cafe is a page created just for fun and entertainment broadcasts from a popular YouTube channel Kendrabindu TV. This is the show launched especially for fun and to entertain the viewers. In this, episode too we have a very popular guest in the show, and here we have a very funny and entertaining interview and conversation with her.

Jyoti Magar, who is also known as Jyoti Thapa Magar. She is a Nepali folk (lok dohori) singer. Magar is not only a singer but also she is a model, and an actress. Jyoti Magar is popularly known as hot and sexy lok dohori singer among the audiences.  

Jyoti Magar is also one of the most controversial celebrities of Nepal who time and often comes into controversy due to her glamorous avatar during her stage performance. Jyoti Magar was invited to the latest episode of Comedy Cafe where she has interacted with the presenters of the program and the talk was very funny and hilarious which is a must watch. Enjoy the latest episode of Comedy Cafe