Interview with Rashmi Tamang

Rashmi Tamang is a model and dancer of Nepali music industry. She became popular in a very short period. She came into this field because of the support of her family. She has worked in numerous music videos. She is also very busy in performing stage programs in Nepal and abroad.

In an interview with Wow Nepal HD, Rashmi Tamang told that she would visit all the places of Nepal is she was a boy. She also told that she has her own car because she had interests on having a car and all the other artists were also capable of buying a car. She also told that she does not want to make boyfriend and get married because of the future tension that rises from the relationship.

In the interview, Rashmi Tamang also told that she does some selective music videos with good quality and budget. She also told that she had entered in boy's toilet unknowingly. She also stated that she belongs to the 80 % people who need S3x. She also stated that she recalls her past memory when she sees her ex boyfriend.