Interview with Singer Dhiraj Rai

Dhiraj Rai is a Nepali singer. He is also musician and song writer from Nepal along with singer. Dhiraj Rai has started his career in 1990. Generally his songs are based on love using the conventions of pop and rock.

Dhiraj Rai eve has sung an unplugged version of his solo song 'Himal Najhuke Samma'. Some of his hit numbers are: 'Shake It Shake It', 'Timi Ruda', 'Himal Najhuke Samma', 'Soy Dhole Soy' and 'Buddha Was Born In Nepal'. Today here is an interview with popular singer Dhiraj Rai.

In an interview, Dhiraj Rai shared lots about his personal and professional life also revealed that he is coming very soon with his new album. After long gap Dhiraj is coming with his new album for his fans that have been waiting. Also, Dhiraj sang some of his most popular songs in an interview and spoke about his past life that, how did he begin his music career and what difficulties he had faced to settle his career as singer.