Kumbha Zodiac for year 2018 by Harihar Adhikari

The New Year has already begun with a lot of expectations and opportunities for people. Many develop their New Year resolutions and try to adhere to it throughout the year. In this video, we will be presenting you with the horoscope of Kumbha (Aquarius) Zodiac for the New Year 2018.

If you believe in zodiac then the year 2018 is very good for you. People having kumbha zodiac are planning to do government job then this year is very good. But this year sun is little strong so to be strong you need to offer water to sun and on Sunday  try to be pure vegetarian without eating meat, fish, egg, onion and garlic. Try to use red colour more in you as it is your lucky colour in 2018. If you try government job after June then there is high chances of good result and also can get government job.