Magne Buda receives one million for a movie

Here in the video we have an exclusive interview with comedian actor Kedar Ghimire Magne Buda. Recently the actor has been news for charging 10 lacs in a movie. This is his highest pay so far says the actor.

In the interview he talked about being part of a new movie whose name has not been fixed. He is really looking forward to it and is really happy. The movie will be directed by Sudharshan Thapa and has Puja Sharma in the lead while the lead actor of the movie is yet to be fixed.

He is really happy to get such a huge amount from the movie and it is really shocking to him as the people do not believe his pay cheque is real. He said that he will be paying 1.5 lacks to the tax from this sum and will donate 1 lacs for social cause.