Namrata Shrestha opens her secret

Namrata Shrestha is a Nepali model and actress who was born in Dharan. She made her debut in the film Sano Sansar in the year 2008. She had also worked as a child artist in the movie Sangini when she was studying n class 1. Before, her acting career, she was also involved in Nepali music videos and theatre productions.

Namrata Shrestha had an affair with Raymond Das. They broke up because of her scandal with DJ Tantrik. There was also a rumor of her getting close with Yama Buddha. Currently, she is romancing with Dawa Sherpa. They have been seen together in different public events.

In an interview with Off Guff, Namrata Shrestha told that she needs hot chilies whenever she eats breakfast, lunch or dinner because she loves the smell of hot chilies. She also told that she does not like to talk about her love life or relationship in the public because she wants to keep those things personal.