Nepal Police stopped the construction of Jogmani Custom Office

Nepal and India I a neighboring country and since last several years they have good relationship with each other. Though the both country are in good relationship, India always tries dominating Nepal in each and every contest as well as India even interferes always in personal issue of our country Nepal.

India has been interventing in developmental works of Nepal. The last time as well India had declared blocked in Nepal for more than month which created lots of troubles in Nepalese not only this even India is trying to grab the land of Nepal.

Today, in this video we too we are talking about the Indian works against Nepalese and Nepalese land at the border areas of India and Nepal. In Dasgaja area, border area of Nepal India has built the custom office by encroaching the land of Nepal.

India has already built the three room concrete building for the custom office of India and while they came to put the roof, Nepal Police have taken immediate action against them and have stopped from keeping roof in the building as they had constructed the building in nepali land illegally.

Joining along with the wall of Biratnagar Custom Office Indian team has begun the construction of Jogmani Custom Office. Indian sector have been constructing their custom office in Dasgaja area of the border encroaching the land of it so it has been stalled currently from the nepali sector.