Prabhas has a secret crush on Deepika Padukone

After doing Bahubali, there have been many girls who are crazy over South Indian Superstar Prabhas. Many girls have crush against Bahubali Prabhas after doing Bahubali. And even there was news few days ago that the couple of Bahubali 2, Anushka and Prabhas are getting married soon.

Currently, Prabhas has been a heartbeat of the entire Hindustan and more specially of girls. Each and every news related to Prabhas, people would be waiting eagerly.

Many girls are fan of Prabhas and has crush on him but do you know that with whom he has his crush with. You will be thrilled to know her name. And she is none other than a Bollywood beautiful actress Dipika Padakone who has crush on of Prabhas.

Recently, Bahubali Prabhas has revealed his liking for his popular charming beauty of Bollywood Deepika Padukone. Prabhas has got as many as 6000 marriage proposal as during the shoot of Baahublail but he has a secret crush on Deepika Padukone.