Prachanda-Sita 50th anniversary

Chairman of Nepal Communist Party and Former Prime Minister Puspa Kamal Dahal Prchanda and his wife Sita Dahal had done marriage again.

On the occasion of 50th marriage anniversary, Prachanda and Sita Dahal became groom and bride one more time at one of the party palace in Kathmandu on Thursday evening.

Along with Panche Baja and Dhime Baja, Dahal family reached at one of the party palace in Sunakothi on Thursday evening.

Prachanda and Sita Dahal even had worn the special garland (Dubo Mala) that worn on wedding especially and also alter they offered flower garland to each other. Moreover, they cut their 50th anniversary cake and served each other.

They had second marriage overall and there were lots of politicians and family members in order to give them blessings. And also the reporters had participated the wedding reception.

See in this video, the second wedding video of Chairman Dahal and his wife Sita Dahal…