Rabi Lamichhane speaks about his US passport

Rabi Lamichhane is a Nepali television presenter. He runs the show 'Sidha Kura Janata Sanga'. Nepalese people living in Nepal and abroad love him and his show, which is broadcasted from News 24.

The journalist had reached the United Arab Emirates for the follow up the Astami Gurung suicide case. It had been reported that the she was forced to commit suicide.

There have been media reports that the journalist is an American citizen and holds and American passport. There have been making debates on social media whether the journalists hold US passports or not.

"We have to be answerable if someone asks us questions," he said during a Facebook live, "This applies to all and now it has been applied to me and I will clear any questions regarding me."

He clarified that he has been holding US passport during a show telecasted through News 24 Televsion.