Rishi Dhamala's mother in law speaks about Rishi

Ridhi Dhamala had celebrated his 6th anniversatty with his wife Aliza gautam in a grand way. It's been 6 years Rishi Dhamala and Aliza Gautam have been happily married. They have a daughter and a son as well. They had celebrated the  marriage anniversary with their families and some other Nepali artists and medias.They have cut their anniversary cake as well and had great time with each other.


 In the video we can see  Rishi Dhamala's mother in law (Aliza Gautam's mom) speaking about their marriage and also about the rumor about their divorce which previously was one of the medias headlines for some time. She isn't happy with the gosspis coming out like that and strongly believed that media should be serious.


Her mother has been back from Canada for some time and she has also brought Rishi Dhamala and wife Aliza's son back. The little boy was staying with them since Aliza was preparing for her debut and she had no time to look after her little baby.