Sagar Ale sends out message to his fans

Sagar Ale was one of the popular contestants of Nepal Idol. He reached top 4 and got eliminated. He is a permanent resident of Chitwan. All the judges of Nepal Idol and Nepalese people living in Nepal and abroad loved his versatility of singing all the types of songs like classical, pop, modern, folk and others.

After the elimination from Nepal Idol, the fan of Sagar Ale supported him a lot. A fan helped him with the sum of 1 lakh rupees. There was also a rumor that a girl committed suicide after his elimination. The videos are being viral where his fan broke mobile phones, television and others.

Sagar Ale had also participated in Nepali Tara, Chitwan Idol and Big Icon, before participating in Nepal Idol. He reached top 20 in Nepali Tara and top 8 in Chitwan Idol. He was also the first runner up of Big Icon, Pokhara. During his journey in Nepali Tara, he met Pratap Das.

In an interview with Artist Khabar, Sagar Ale stated that the people loved him because of his versatility and would record songs in all genres. He also stated that his father and mother was also a good singer and they got married while singing dohori songs.