Suhana turns 21 and shares her celebration plan

Suhana Thapa who made her debut from Ae Mero Hajur is celebrating her 21st bir5thdty today. In the video she talks about her birthday plans and many more interesting things. She speaks about her past birthday celebration. Recently she has also won the best debut actress award from DCine.


The actress sis over the moon since the movie is doing really well in its fourth week and she has also won the award within short period of making her debut. She has posted this news in her social handler.  On her birthday her parents are also planning to announce the fourth installment of Ae Mero hajur.  


It is a love story of a singer and an ordinary girl so far. Jharana Thapa has directed the third installment of the series. The movie has done an amazing collection and they are extremely happy with this performance. Suhana's work in the movie is also appreciated. Watch video to know the news in more details….