Unique traditions followed around the globe

Various people live on earth. The tradition and civilization also vary. In some of them, women are treated as animals. Today we are informing you about some traditions where women are tortured inhumanly.

There is a race in Eastern Africa, in which the private parts of the young girls are sewed. The reason is to prevent woman from having physical relationship before marriage. As a result of this, women become victim of various diseases. After marriage, there is the tradition of tearing the sewed private parts. In the name of tradition, such inhumane behaviors is still being performed on women.

Papua New Guinea doesn’t allow physical relation during childhood. In the country, a 10-year-old boy can have s3x with a 6-year-old girl.

In Ghana, according to a tradition, a woman has to spend night with unknown man for the purification of her sprit.
In some parts of Cameroon, Nigeria, and South Africa, the hot corrosion is imposed on the young woman's bre@st. To prevent a woman from being breastfeeding, hot stones are ironed on their bre@st. Iron stones are believed to give less attention to women's behavior due to their irritation. In some cases your own mother celebrates her daughter doing so.