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The popularity of DCNepal’s Got Talent has been growing exponentially each day. Since the day Got Talent started, we have posted hundreds of songs and promoted hundreds talents through DCNepal. Every day we get tens of requests from the viewers all around the globe asking us to post their videos on DCNepal’s Got Talent. DCNepal is proud to have established such a platform for the local talents and make it accessible for them to promote their talents to the Nepalese community living around the world without much hassle.

After witnessing an overwhelming support and feedback from the viewers for the DCNepal’s Got Talent over the last several months, we have decided to take the contest to the whole new level. We are making the Got Talent even more competitive and exciting by introducing prize money. Each month a winner will be awarded with $250 (US) grand prize. The winner will be announced based on the total votes received from the viewers within a given month. Viewers are allowed to vote (like) from their Facebook account for each nominated video. The like option is available for all Got Talent’s video. Whichever contestant(s) accumulates the most votes will be announced a winner after the month ends.

DCNepal’s Got Talent page has two categories: Nominated songs and Recent Uploads. Only the Nominated songs are competing for the prize money. Each month 25 best songs from the previous month get handpicked and nominated for the next month’s competition. Songs that are not competing for the prize money will be uploaded under Recent uploads. 25 best songs from the Recent Upload will be nominated for the next month’s competition.

If you want to participate in the DCNepal’s Got Talent, please email us your video at dcnepal@gmail.com. A complete rules and guidelines for submitting and qualifying for the DCNepal’s Got Talent contest can be found here (link).