DCNepal’s Got Talent - A Global Singing Competition brought to you by DcNepal.com
Guidelines on Submitting a Video:

  1. Contestants must submit their videos themselves. By submitting their videos to DCNepal, all the individuals in the video give consent to DCNepal to post their videos on DCNepal’s site.
  2. Contestants give consent to DCNepal to upload their videos to DCNepal’s YouTube channel and/or any other DCNepal’s affiliated channel needed to host and promote the videos
  3. Contestants must submit a request to dcnepal@gmail.com with an attached video or YouTube link to participate in the Got Talent
  4. Contestants are encouraged to include their full names, location, contact information, biography etc. while submitting the video
  5. The video should be of a good quality (free of background noise, clear audio, good visual etc.)
  6. The video should be live recorded; it can’t be studio recorded or altered in any way.
  7. The contestants can participate as an individual or a group
  8. Only Nepali songs will be qualified for the nomination; however, other language songs can appear under Recent Upload section
  9. The contest is open to all nationality as long as all the above requirements are met
  10. DCNepal holds the right to reject any video if any of the requirements is not met or the guidelines are not followed properly

Competition Round:

  1. Upon a video submission, Dcnepal will upload your video under Recent Uploads if the video meets the requirements for the Got Talent
  2. If your video gets enough likes and support from the viewers, we will include your video in the next month’s Nomination where you will compete for the grand prize money.
  3. If you get selected in the nomination of the month, we will move your video to Nomination section for the upcoming month.
  4. If you get the most likes out of all the nominated videos at the end of the nominated month, you will be granted $250

If you have any questions regarding The Got Talent contest, please email us your questions at dcnepal@gmail.com.

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Nomination of August