Chalechha Batash Sustari By Dil Rana

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Dil Rana singing "Chalechha Batash Sustari " in his melodious voice. If you want him to win the competition, do not forget to vote for him by clicking the "Vote/Like" button located underneath the video.
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DCnepal’s Got Talent is one of the most popular segments in Everyday DCnepal receives handful of requests from the viewers living all around the world with requests to publish their songs on the site. Not only Nepalese but also foreigners have shown keen interests in singing Nepali songs, and they send their videos to regularly. A lot of them are widely known in DCnepal’s Got Talent community because of their outstanding singing skills.

Since the inauguration of Got Talent, the popularity of the segment has continuously ascended. The request from viewers to publish their videos on Got Talent has never been so demanding. DCnepal has a very stronghold outside of Nepal. There are many talented artists who are living abroad and were unable to reach out to the public due to a lack of proper platform. With DCnepal’s Got Talent, these artists have now found that missing link and are able to show case their talents in public. With DCnepal’s over 2.3 million Facebook fans, these local talents can easily reach out to millions of people around the world with a click of a button and all free of cost.

In this video, we can see one of the participants, Dil Rana, is singing a popular nepali song “Chalechha Batash Sustari " originally sung by Prem Bhardwaj . Dil has sung this song so well .  If you liked his voice and want to see his winning January 2017 competition, please give him your support by clicking the “Vote/Like” button located right underneath the video. There are 15 contestants fighting for the top spot; he might just be the lucky one!


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