Ho Chi Minh extraordinary leader: PM Oli

May 11, 2019


Hanoi : Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli has said leader Ho Chi Minh who was popularly called Uncle Ho was an extraordinary leader. He changed the course of history and made his country and people proud, and who gave the socialist movement in the world a new direction and dynamism, PM Oli commemorated.

PM Oli, who is currently on an official visit to Vietnam, said this while addressing a forum at Ho Chi Minh National Academy of Politics in Hanoi, Viet Nam, on Friday. The academy was established as a special tribute to a great socialist leader of the world, Ho Chi Minh.

The PM further said Minh sets an example of how a visionary leader can transform his/her country amidst several adversities and becomes a constant and boundless source of inspiration for millions of people around the world, fighting for rights, freedoms and dignity.

"He epitomizes the national strengths and courage that how a popular leader receives unconditional, unqualified and spontaneous support of the people and mobilizes that to defeat the mighty army on earth, setting an extraordinary example of performance in the war against foreign interference and domination," PM said.

PM Oli, who is also the Chairman of ruling Nepal Communist Party (NCP), mentioned that Ho Chi Minh was a man of principle and dignity on which he never compromised.

He was never deviated from his path of freedom and justice even in the face of imminent threat to his life. Unlike a few revolutionaries, he never sought to work for power and position. "Judging against his contributions to the world, especially in leading socialist and nationalist movements, I would say that he was not an individual, but an institution, embodying and defining the true meaning of socialism and transformation," the PM added.

Minh is a highly respected and deeply admired world leader in my country where several poems, essays and lyrics have been devoted in reverence of this great son of earth, PM said with the reference of progressive literature written in Nepali Literature.

Vietnamese revolution source of inspiration
According to the PM, the Vietnamese revolution and the movement for national liberation spearheaded by the Communist Party under the guidance of Ho Chi Minh have been a source of great inspiration for Nepal’s own socialist, democratic and patriotic movements.

PM Oli argued that though Nepal was never colonized, we also fought against foreign imperialist power to preserve our sovereignty and independence. This has helped foster solidarity and camaraderie between the people of our two countries.

"Wel spontaneously and wholeheartedly demonstrated strong solidarity with fellow brothers and sisters of this land in their fight for independence, emancipation and national unity," he mentioned.

PM Oli recalling his youth days stated that Uncle Ho is the beacon of inspiration. "His vision and thoughts constantly inspired me to fight for democracy and people’s rights irrespective of where I was, whether inside the jail or in a solitary confinement as a political prisoner or in the street as an active political campaigner" he added.

According to him, Vietnam, in the past forty-five years of unification, has not only achieved national reconciliation, but also remarkable progress in all domains. As a country sharing similar cultural traditions and values, we have great admiration and appreciation for Vietnam’s forward march.

The PM further said Vietnam’s contemporary history has lessons for all of us – it shows how to rebuild a war-torn nation from scratch. We have also the challenge of rebuilding and reconstruction in the post conflict situation.

Indeed, Vietnam’s ingenious application of Marxism in its unique national circumstances has continued to inspire the people of Nepal in exploring the most suitable and durable solutions to the multiple challenges that we face in our country today.

"With the creative application of Marxism, socialist movements in both of our countries proved instrumental in abolishing the feudal institutions of monarchy," said the PM, adding, "Both of our countries have undergone fundamental political transformation over the years and have set ambitious trajectories for economic growth and development. In this context, learning from each other’s experiences could be beneficial to both."

Visit aimed at acquiring firsthand knowledge on Vietnam's recent development
The PM informed that his visit was an opportunity to acquire firsthand knowledge about Viet Nam’s recent developments and socio-economic transformation. He looked forward to receiving informed perspectives on these fronts.

"Like in Vietnam, we in Nepal have always sought to innovatively apply and adapt Marxist ideas to the local context in the pursuit of building socialism under the leadership of the Communist Party. In fact, the pursuit of socialism remains our important constitutional goal," he mentioned.

Moreover, the PM explained that in its one hundred-year history, the world socialist movement has undergone various practices and experiments, ups and downs, and successes and setbacks. In the midst of such ebb and flow, the rise and success of the communist party in Nepal amply shows that the socialist movement is relevant forever for people’s emancipation.

Experiences of Nepal and Viet Nam have proved it. Our experience in Nepal shows us that revolutionary changes are possible by peaceful means as well, the PM viewed, adding that socialist movement may have suffered setbacks and upheavals, but will always come back with even greater steam and power for the liberation of the people. A few instances of failures and setbacks should not lead us to believe that socialism is irrelevant and obsolete. (RSS)