How investments in growth stage companies bring exponential return?

May 26, 2018


Kathmandu: Many of us might hesitate in investing in growth stage companies. And only few of us know how the investment in early stage companies can bring out exponential returns.

The social ecommerce startup Sagoon through the Rise and Shine Session on its Facebook Live cleared out doubts on investing on growth stage companies. Host Paritosh Sharma pointed out how the investment in growth stage companies can bring exponential returns through some case studies.

Case study 1

Everyone knows about Google and uses its products in everyday life. Early stage investors in the global technological giant have been making billions  now as returns of their investment.

In 2013, one of Google's earliest directors, Ram Shriram, has added to his fortune by selling Google stock worth over $31 million.

According to the news in Business Insider, he and his wife sold 42,000 shares, according to SEC documents. The couple sold the first chunk, 20,000 shares for $730 a pop ($14.6 million), and last week, he and his wife sold 22,000 shares in two transactions at $760 ($16.7 million).

Case study 2

Many of you might have heard of Walmart acquiring Flipkart. And you might have read newspaper stories about how one of the Flipkart founder is going to make billion dollars upon in exit. Ashish Gupta, the first investor in Flipkart who invested Irs 10 lakh in 2009, stands to make $20 million following the accusation of Flipkart by Walmart.

Case Study 3

According to an article published in Business Insider on October 21, 2016, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos said the first 20 or so outside investors in Amazon put in around $50,000 apiece for a stake of a little less than 1% of the company at the time.

If those early investors had held on to their entire stakes, and those stakes had never been diluted by later investors, they would be $3.5 billion today — a return of 70,000 times.

Case study 4

Info Edge, owner of India's leading job portal, had listed its share at Irs 623 which has now reached over Irs 1171.45


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