Husband hacks wife to death

July 14, 2017

Paanchthar : A husband murdered his wife by hacking her with sharp weapon here at Phalgunanda rural municipality on Thursday, according to police.

Netra Chemjong, 42, killed his wife Yasodha Rai Chemjong, 40, at Phalgunanda rural municipality – 4. The couple had visited the Ranke Bazaar on the day of the incident. Netra killed his wife by hacking her with a Khukuri, a Nepali sword, at Ligimba area when returning from the marketplace.

The true reasons for the murder still remains a speculation although a dispute between the two while on a return trip has been suspected as the prime factor, according to Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP), Nakul Pokharel, of District Police Office, Paanchthar.

The local pedestrians informed the police after coming across the body. Police have already arrested the husband. The law enforcement agency stated that they are started necessary investigation into the case.

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