In pictures: Wrapping up the month-long festival

January 31, 2018


Kathmandu : Hundreds of devotees celebrated the final day of the Madhav Narayan festival on the outskirts of Kathmandu on Wednesday, ending the month-long ceremony of fasting, bathing and studying the Hindu holy Swasthani book.

Devotees remain on fast the entire month and abide by strict disciplinary rules and regulation during the period.

According to the tradition, participants eat only one saltless meal per day, wash in rivers in the mornings and pray at temples countrywide. Each evening is dedicated to the study of the Swasthani book, with priests and household heads reading one chapter or story to their families.

Unmarried Nepalese women participate to increase their luck to find a good husband while married women do so to bring prosperity to their families, say local witnesses.

The fast is dedicated to the Hindu God Shiva and Goddess Swasthani, believed to be responsible for bringing good fortune.

Photos: Aryan Dhimal 

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