International Karate competition to be held in Ilam

April 24, 2017


Ilam - The Sixth International Shito-Ryo Karate Competition is going to be held at Phikkal Bazar in Ilam district from April 29-30 this year. 

Shito-Ryu Karate Association, Phikkal is going to organize the sports event where more than 400 players from Nepal, India, Sri Lanka, Bhutan and Bangladesh will vie, according to Association's Chairperson Yogesh Chamling. 

Chamling shared that around 250 players from Ilam, 300 from India, 25 from Sri Lanka, 15 from Bhutan and a similar number of participants from Bangladesh will take part in the competition. 

According to Chamling, the aim is to encourage the local players and help hone their skills besides promoting sports and tourism in Ilam. 

More than 20 games will be held under various categories such as 20-30 Kg male category while female players will compete in 11 games under the 25-65 Kg weight and above categories. 

The winners will take home trophies and certificates, according to the organizers. 

Players are being scouted from various places in the districts. Chamling added, "We will select 250 players out of 700 who are undergoing training for the selection in the upcoming international competition." 

The local government bodies, as well as tourism promotion authorities, are joining hands for this event to take place.RSS 


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