Kaligandaki corridor will go through Gandaki state: CM Gurung

May 11, 2019


Chief Minister of Gandaki state, Prithvi Subba Gurung, has said that Kaligandaki corridor linking north and south would go through Gandaki state via the bank of Kaligandaki river.

At a Mayor up Sports Tournament programme organised by Phalesbas municipality on Friday, Chef Minister Gurung made it clear that the corridor would go through Gandaki state at a time when a parallel roads from east and west of Kaligandaki river are being constructed as the corridor.

He said, "The corridor would go via the bank of Kaligandaki river from Nepchung to Tribeni as it is the most important road of Gandaki state."

The state has forwarded a proposal of constructing road from Mustang to Tribeni as the Shaligram corridor and works for preparing detailed project report (DPR) have been forwarded this year, added the Chief Minister.

He said that the Gandaki state government would request the federal government for the construction of Shaligram corridor, otherwise Gandaki state government would construct the Shaligram corridor at any cost even after investing by itself if needed.

Chief Minister Gurung, at a time when the policies and programmes of federal government has mentioned about forwarding Kaligandaki diversion project ahead,  reiterated that they would not let the diversion of the river making their area dry.

"The consent of Gandaki state is also necessary to forward this project", he said.