Kathmandu rain

March 18, 2017


Pedestrians head to their destination during a sudden rainfall in Kathmandu. 

Generally, March is the time for a lot of rains. But, Kathmandu Valley witnessed huge rainfall recording double the general pattern this time. The rainfall in normal state is recorded 35 mm in the Valley which surged up to 65 mm this time, and the rainy days are to prolong some more days.

This changed weather pattern has taken the meteorologists by surprise of late. Senior meteorologist Rajendra Shrestha said, "Although March is the time with sufficient rainfall such continuous pattern was not observed in the past."

Another meteorologist Min Kumar Aryal argues that the effect of the westerly wind coupled with local wind is causing the changes in the rain pattern.

It is also the result of the consistent low pressure belt in west Bengal and Bangladesh. So, the Kathmandu Valley is suffering the rain with thunder and hailstone these days. On the other hand, the wind generated from Bay of Bengal carrying light water vapour has brought the change in Nepal's weather.

The wind bearing light water vapour does not go high which causes cloudy days for some days, but no rainfall, argued Aryal. He summed up that the unique blend of the wind from Bay of Bengal and westerly wind is making it difficult for rainfall. RSS

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