Laure, Sagar Ale US tour rescheduled for October/November

June 22, 2018


New York: For the first time ever, rapper Aashish Rana (Laure) and Sagar Ale will be coming to the US for their US Concert and will be performing in more than 10 states and cities including New York, Boston, Baltimore, Dallas, Los Angeles Washington DC and Minnesota among others this October/November 2018.

Laure will be representing Nephop (Nepali Hiphop) for the first time in the US, where he will be singing his Nepali hit songs. Laure is currently the most influential and top Nepali Hiphop Artist in Nepal.

Sagar Ale, the top 4th contestant of Nepal Idol 2017, will be coming to US to perform his original songs and cultural songs that represents the very essence of Nepal.

After a success tour in UK, Qatar, Australia, Hong Kong and others, Sagar is in high demand by the Nepalese community in the United States. During his journey in Nepal Idol, his fans from the states raised about $50,000 which was sent to him as a token of support and love.

Founder of KTM Entertainment, Rakesh Gurung said that this will be one of the biggest Nepali concerts in the US this year and also mentioned that it was highly demanded by their fans.