Life in the streets of Kathmandu (photo story)

April 17, 2017


Kathmandu is a vibrant and busy city and its inhabitants are always on the move. Often it is easy to lose the small moments, the tiny details, which make up this hustle and bustle of everyday life.

To look beyond the larger picture and to gain a glimpse into the moments that create such a vibrant culture is vital to understanding how Kathmandu works and operates as a city and in truly appreciating the beauty of its people.

In the small quiet moments is where one can find the most raw and true emotion in a person’s face, the moment nobody else seems to look for and capture are the moments in which I find myself feeling the most in tune with my subjects.

Kathmandu has afforded me the great privilege of being the proverbial ‘fly on the wall’, allowing me to search out the unique beauty found in the mundaneness of everyday life here. A beauty most Nepali people may not realise they create but one I most deeply enjoy.

The images taken speak of small moments in the street that may go unnoticed, which is a great shame as these small moments make up the alluring overall picture that is Kathmandu.

A wanderer exchanges glances.
A child finds amusement amongst the rubbish.
A shop owner’s daughter assists with the sale.
A mother speaks with her child over the hot coals.
A neat uniform stands out against the dusty backdrop.
Street gambling.
A street artist lost to his music. A businessman engages in tea fuelled negotiation.
Traditional construction methods can be gruelling.
Life on the street is exhausting.
Finding sleep amongst the chaos.
A street merchant awaits a sale.

Technology is changing the world.

A window into the silence of a music shop.

To some the streets are more than just streets, they are a home.
Fighting often occurs amongst siblings.

Silence amongst the rush.

Photo story by Tristan Lendrum. Lendrum is a student of photojournalism and is currently doing his internship at internship Nepal.

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