Limitations on excavation in Indrawati River

February 2, 2018

Melamchi: he Melamchi Municipality in Sindhupalchowk has banned the extraction of river products from the Indrawati River until new criteria come into implementation. 

A meeting held under the convenorship of the municipal mayor held Thursday agreed to prohibit the use of excavator to collect river products for the time being. A local coordination and monitoring committee is to be formed to prepare criteria for the collection of river products. 

According to Sindhupalchowk Crusher Entrepreneurs Association chair Kiran Thapa, the meeting attended by representatives of political parties, social workers, media persons and local reached to an agreement on allowing excavator in the river only after preparing a new criteria bearing in mind the change in river course and other negative consequences on environment due to haphazard excavation of river products. Crusher industries based in the river within the municipality will be allowed to use one excavator each, the distance between two excavators should be at least one kilometer and they cannot go below two meters while collecting river products, he added. 

The local coordination and monitoring committee will comprise chiefs of district-based security offices, respect ward chairs and contractors. RSS

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