Meri Bassai - Episode 598

April 17, 2019


Meri Bassai is one of the longest and most popular Nepali comedy serials with about 10 Years of broadcasting. Based on rural lifestyle and lower-middle-class people, the series represents many political and social issues on its episodes with educational comedy flavour.

It is aired on Nepal Television at 8:45 PM and on YouTube at 9:30 PM every Tuesday. This show is produced by Media Hub Pvt. Ltd. Kunjana Ghimire and Sitaram Kattel are main characters as husband and wife after that Raju Master and Balchhi Dhurbe perform the main characters but they two are also out of the show.  Currently, Manaraj Shrestha is directing Meri Bassai.

Previously, Balchhi Dhurbe and Raju Master too had announced that they are no more connected with Meri Bassai but still the new episode of Meri Bassai has been broadcasted yesterday. As Raju master and Balchhi dhurbe left Meri Bassai the old member Mula Saag aka Surendra KC who was disappeared in past few episode is back and also few of new artist have been in.

Now see new episode 598 see what happens ….???