Mundre Ko Comedy Club - Episode 23

April 9, 2019


'Mundrey Ko Comedy Club' is a television series which is being broadcasting from Nepal Television and Aama Agni Kumari Media. This show is the recent launch in the platform of sitcoms and has been able to grab the attention of millions of people.

The show which first aired on November 5, 2018, is a comedy talk show hosted by the famous comedian of Nepal, Jitu Nepal, also known as ‘Mundre’, hence leading the show’s name to be ‘Mundre ko Comedy Club’. And currently it is running its episode 21 successfully.

This show also stars Dipa Shree Niraula, Rajaram Poudel, Rajendra Nepali and Umesh Rai adding to the comedy of the show. And from past week's episode a new member was added to the show and she is very popular artist Lunibha Tuladhar who is more popular with her name 'Pawankali'.

The show is being directed by Ravi Shrestha. The show is refreshing as the viewer's get to know more about the guests and also get to enjoy the humor presented during the talks.

In this new episode 23 of Mundrey ko Comedy Club, the team of upcoming nepali movie "Yatra" is invited. The lead actor Salin Man Baniya, Salon Basnet and debut actress Malika Mahat have come as the guest to the show. They have enjoyed lot in the show.

Let's see this new episode-23 and enjoy: